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Exercise That Helps To Get Relief From Cervical Spondylosis


  • Exercise That Helps To Get Relief From Cervical Spondylosis


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Exercise That Helps To Get Relief From Cervical Spondylosis

In simple terms, Cervical Spondylosis is neck pain. It is a common problem amongst people of almost all the ages. Considering the scenario before 10-15 years, it is usually observed in elders but whereas due to change in life style and not doing any physical activity, cervical spondylosis is being observed in young people also.

In medical terms, Cervical spondylosis is a deteriorating condition, which takes place because of the deterioration of the tendons and bones of the cervical spine.

Given below are some exercises that could help you with your neck pain along with homeopathic treatment for cervical spondylosis:

1. Drop and raise your neck

This exercise must be done with a straight posture. Stand or sit in straight position, then gently drop your head forward and touch your chin to your chest. Count until 10, and then slowly bring your head back to earlier position. Now slowly look up towards the ceiling and again count until 10. Do this whole procedure at least 5 to 7 times. You can use this exercise as a part of cervical spondylosis treatment in homeopathy.

2. Slant your head in left and right side

For this exercise sit or stand with a straight posture. Then slowly slant your head to the right side while looking in the forward direction. Count for 10 seconds, and then bring your head back into previous position. Then repeat the same directions for the left side, hold onto that position for 10 seconds, and then come back to the previous position. And do not forget to keep your shoulder straight. Repeat this complete sequence for at least 5 times. It will help the muscles of both sides of your neck.

3. Rotate your neck clockwise and anti-clockwise

Stand or sit in a straight posture and then move your neck first clockwise and then anti-clockwise. Do it slowly and feel your neck muscles moving. Repeat the sequence 5 to 7 times.

4. Pressing your chin in your palms

In this exercise, position both your palms under your chin and then press your chin in your palm without making any movement during the entire sequence. Hold in that position for 10 seconds and then relax. Repeat this exercise for 5 times and you will be able feel some relief from your neck pain.

5. Elbow movement

In this exercise intertwine your fingers and put them behind your head in the middle. Next, move your elbows towards the front side of your head and then bring your elbows back behind your head. Repeat this exercise for at least 10 times.

There are treatments in homeopathy for cervical spondylitis. Homeopathy offers a lot when it comes to treatment of cervical spondylosis. It will not only help you get rid of your neck and shoulder pain, but will also strengthen the muscles of that part of your body. And proper exercises are a great part of cervical spondylosis treatment in homeopathy.


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