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Know more about Kijiji’s online classified advertising services

One of the best online classified advertising services Kijiji was launched in March 2005. It works as a centralized network of different online identities. This fantastic website is utilized for posting various local advertisements. Kijiji is available everywhere including Canada, Hong Kong, Italy, and Taiwan. This excellent company has covered more than 300 cities. This brand is also seen in the selected cities of the US from June 29, 2007. From the year 2010, the name has been changed to eBay Classifieds. Now let’s check out the history of Kijiji.

History of Kijiji

Kijiji was primarily a small startup within eBay. According to the press release of eBay’s March 2005, a small group of entrepreneurial employees have created Kijiji. Later on, in May 2005, Gumtree was also acquired by eBay which was a British-based online classified service provider. Gumtree covered various cities including UK, Poland, South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland, Hong Kong, and Australia. At that time eBay also acquired LoQUo which was a Spanish company. eBay also took just after one month. It was a German online classified company.


Some interesting facts about Kijiji

· Kijiji’s India’s site was rebranded to Quikr in August 2008.

· After that, in the year 2009, the name of the German website of Kijiji was renamed as eBay Kleinanzeigen.

· But in the next year, in February 2010 the game has changed. The personal section of Kijiji in Canada and the US was withdrawn by them. In March 2010, eBay launched eBay Classifieds. It replaced Kijiji in the United States.

· After that, in the year 2012 Kijiji was partnered with in Canada.

· Kijiji introduced a new brand Admarkt in June 2016. To promote this new brand, Kijiji restricted free ad users in specific categories so that people sign up for this brand Admarkt.

· eBay ads also appeared in the search results of Kijiji in January 2017. People identified that with the help of eBay logo.

· Kijiji made the registration mandatory to post ads on this particular site. Previously, it was optional.

· Now, users can directly communicate with each other on the site with the help of Kijiji’s “My Messages” system. It was introduced in December 2017.

Kijiji has encountered though competition from various classified sites like LetGo or VarageSale. Facebook Marketplace is another competitor of Kijiji.


Kijiji Montreal

Kijiji Montreal holds plenty of fun and weird things. For example, which can provide you with a couple of hours of relaxation and energy so that you can gain confidence every day. Apart from that, Kijiji Montreal teaches us to old people. The old people can take this job quite efficiently. You can just talk to her, take her to dinner, and spend some time with her that’s it. But if you have any criminal record you are not liable to take this job. Along with that, you must be a resident of Rosemere, and you must have your private car. Another weird job founded in Kijiji is exclusively for young men who want to work in luxurious hotels. They can send their photo, but your age must be in between 18 to 40. Art charity is another excellent job through which you can help someone. If you are a great painter, you can send your painting. In this way, you can showcase your work in the Montreal art scene. Lots of big names are associated with this work. They donate their artwork too. Your work can be sold in this way. Apart from that various other fun stuff are available at Kijiji Montreal. You just need to visit this website to get the latest information.


Kijiji Toronto

Kijiji Toronto is not an exception. Different weird jobs are available here too. You can take the example of Stud hunt. A 27 year tanned young man is looking for a friend who can give him a company. You both can enjoy a cinema, have coffee and discussion etc. Apart from these weird jobs, various other facilities can be found on the site of Kijiji Toronto such as you can see the classified ads of different beautiful types of furniture, weekend gateways etc. Do you want to give yourself a new look? Then book an appointment for eyelash extension services. Bitcoin, Crypto Currency Trading and Eth Market services are also available here. If you open the site of Kijiji Toronto, you’ll see different categories which include Health and beauty, wedding, financial and legal, childcare and nanny, food and catering, photography and video, entertainment and a lot more. Similar wise, you can choose the location too. Just click on your desired category and location to get exclusive services. Before that, don’t forget to sign up for Kijiji Toronto. If you want they can notify you whenever any new facility comes on this website.


Kijiji Calgary

Kijiji Calgary is a big hit. It has divided into different categories which include Cars & Vehicles, Pets, Services, Buy & Sell, Community, Real Estate and Jobs. You have to choose the location too. Along with that, you can select the featured Ads and price to get your desired item. Now, if you click on a specific category, you’ll find different classified ads related to it. They launched this site with a great idea. They wanted to offer the Canadian people a fun way to buy, sell or trade different goods. Since then they have grown a lot. The best thing found in Kijiji Calgary is they provide articles, tutorials and more fun stuff to help you. Over 16 million Canadians are associated with them. These people earned a lot of money or saved something for their future. Along with that, Kijiji Calgary is the best site to meet new people. Whatever you do on this site, at the end of the day, you are actually supporting the second-hand economy in different exceptional ways. It’s environmentally friendly. The local people can connect each other and establish a new relationship with the help of Kijiji Calgary. To collect more information you can directly send them an email. They will satisfy all your queries as soon as possible.


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