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Online Ads

Online Ads


An advertisement is a unique form of communication in marketing. It is known to be a formal message to sell any product or even it is used to promote products. Different businesses are sponsoring these to improve the outcome of their company and to gain significant profit. Advertisements are for the general public; it is not directed to any person. Anyone can respond to this. Usually, ads are generating through different mass media. It may be published in the newspaper, or in any website.

Ads can also be given in social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. or even through different blogs. We can also observe many ads on television and radio channels.  They promote various products very often. Different magazines are also full of ads in recent days. The proper presentation of the message generating for business purpose is known as the advertisement. The short version of the advertisement is identified as ads.

Ads can be divided into two parts.

One is commercial ads, and another one is non-commercial ads.

Commercial ads aim to increase the sales of their products through perfect branding. This strategy is interlinked with the name of the product or image along with few qualities which will attract the customers. Noncommercial ads are mainly aimed to influence the public for some particular purpose. It can also be given to circulate different information.

In the 1920s, Edward Bernays first introduced the modern type and technology of advertising to the world. He is the founder of recent advertisements. It is the inseparable part of any business. Without giving ads, development of the business is almost impossible in the present situation of the society. In this market of competition, any business must showcase their uniqueness through ads to settle their business and sell the products. Ads must be eye-catching and attractive so that it can captivate the attention of the customers.